Pressure Washer Rental Equipment

Sometimes you just want to rent a pressure washer for a small or big job or something in between. When you do need to rent a pressure washer or special accessory, we've got you covered. View pricing below and call us 410-944-5566 to schedule your rental pressure washer.

Sometimes you need a pressure washer for just a short period of time.  We rent hot and cold water pressure washers, as well as selected accessories. Call ahead to insure the type of pressure washer you want is available. 410-944-5566.

Pressure Washer Rental Rates: 

Cold Water Electric 1400psi @ 2.1 GPM 110 V, 15A : $55 per day $220 per week

Cold Water Ga 4000psi @ 4 GRPM Gas:                          $65 per day     $260 per week

Hot Water Gas 4000 PSI @ 4GPM Gas / Diesel Fueled: $150 per day $600 per week

Hot Water Skid 3000 PSI @ 9GPM Gas / Diesel Fueled: $500 per 3 days

Each rented pressure washer comes with the following accessories: Gunjet/Lance, 30' to 50" hose (depending on the model), nozzles (if required).

Accessory Rental Rates: 

Extra Hose 50FT:  $15 per day 

Flat Surface Cleaner (2) 2.0 nozzles installed on the bar : $50 per day

Billing Notes

We charge for all time out except Sundays.  There are no hourly rates.  Minimum charge is for one day, Drop skid only rents in 3 day increments.  Daily rate is for 24 hours or less. Rentals out for more than 24 hours are charged as an additional day.

Customer is responsible for returning all rental items in the same condition as when they were checked out. If a pressure washer does not work during the rental period the customer must notify Atlantic immediately, or they are responsible for the rental. The customer is liable for all repairs due to abuse during rental to include: freeze damage, cavitation, lack of water, etc.

Customer must neatly recoil the hose.

Customers who have a pressure washer in for repair can rent a pressure washer at 50% of the daily rental rate.