Custom Pressure Washer | Softwash System
Also Silver Helix Surface Cleaner and Manticore Demonstration
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Custom Pressure Washer | Softwash System
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK


Transcript of Custom Pressure Washer | Soft Wash System

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (00:00):
Hey guys, I am Old Man Wags here with Atlantic Pressure Washers. What we're gonna be doing today is doing a walk around of our latest install. First things first, let's check out the tongue. We have a beautiful tongue toolbox, and basically it holds all of our single gallons as well as some just smaller tools of the trade that would get lost through the trailers walls. As we go through, its made out plastic for maximum durability, pretty tough, very solid, easy to go and can pack a lot of storage. Right behind that we have our eight gallon, a minute hot water skid. We have a Honda GX, 690 engine paired with a belt driven GP TSF 2021 pump. That pump can do eight and a half gallons a minute at right around 3,500 PSI. These are pulling off two fuel cells. One is gasoline for the engine.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (00:40):
It's an 11 gallon tank. So you can run all day long, a full eight hour shift without having to stop for fuel. The one that left is diesel that actually powers the burner. That's sitting right behind it. This is paired with a 12 volt Beckett burner. So you can get as hot of a temperature on your output as possible. Again, that's an 11 gallon tank, mated with the 11 gallon gasoline fuel cell. This again gives you all day constant duty temperature rise, no matter what conditions you're working in. As we walk towards our back, what we're gonna focus on is our first up a hundred gallon chemical tank, which we'll get to in a second, we have our 325 gallon water tank stationed, right above the axles. And then behind that, we basically just have some nice open storage. Just for display purposes.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (01:21):
We chose to put our Silver Helix 30 inch surface cleaner. We're gonna see how well this pairs with that machine after we get to fire it up here in a few minutes on. Our back, you'll notice that not only do we have our triple stack reel, but we've set this so all the plumbing runs very neatly down the side of this. On the bottom, we have 175 feet of non collapsible, three quarter inch construction grade garden hose as well as three double wire, three eight inch high pressure hose on the mid tier. Our top tier gives us 300 feet, a half inch ag hose. So that once again, all of our lines can reach wherever we need to do. And we can work all day long with hassle free results. As we move around to the other side of the trailer, we'll get to that soft wash part that I was talking about in a minute.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (02:01):
Again, we've got some open space here. And on this side we have our Honda GX 200 with our Comet P 40 chemical diaphragm pump. This is a great pump. It's been basically debuted into the industry in the last few years. We've gotten phenomenal results out of it. It's a gas powered diaphragm pump that can basically reach as far as your eight gallon minute pressure washer. If not a little bit further, what we're gonna do in a few minutes is basically demonstrate how far it can shoot from the ground as well as how efficient it is to once apply soap. And two, go ahead and follow up and rinse behind that. We've got this set up on a series of ball valves. Basically, if we wanna pull from our chemical tank, we have both valves in the down position. If we wanna pull from our water tank to either flush out the pump, rinse or fill the tank, all we have to do is turn our valves.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (02:44):
Now we're set up to pull from water and set up to bypass back to our water tanks. We're gonna go ahead and turn these back down so that our video can get us started in the right positions. On the back of our skid. We've got our handy lance holders. As this company grows, no doubt, they'll fill those two other slots with some other accessories or even additional lances. Normally the Silver Helix would be paired right here, but again, we put it in the back, cuz we're gonna be using it a few minutes. So hold tight for a second. We're gonna fire up the pressure washer first, see how we do on the sidewalk. And then we'll check out that diaphragm pump here in a few minutes.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (03:46):
All right, guys. So as you can see, first off with that surface cleaner, this machine and that surface cleaner paired perfectly together, did a phenomenal job cleaning that sidewalk three quick passes and then just a rinse to get all the lifted dirt. And that was easy work. Commercial property like this easily, a breeze somebody's residential driveway, two, three car parking spaces, not a problem whatsoever. You can easily knock 'em out in a very short amount of time just using that exact same approach. If I'd used a little bit of soap might have come a little bit cleaner, might have been a little bit faster to clean, but the point was, this did a really good job with just the tools that were there.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (04:47):
As far as our soft wash system goes, in case you didn't know, we were using our product called Manticore that has a red dying agent, as well as a mango scent. And then of course it naturally has its bubbles. So what we were doing there was just demonstrating the product, how it can look when you apply it to the surface and then rinse down. We were very comfortably able to reach the parts of our showroom that we were cleaning from the storefront, not a big deal, our dye marker, big, bright, vibrant red. The scent is still lingering around. I have a feeling we're gonna smell that all day up front on the showcase. That's perfectly fine. But the point is, if you were using that with some bleach, it would do the exact same thing, but the color would dissipate a little bit faster. I didn't have any bleach in our mix just cuz this was a public environment and there were some people working around.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Builder (05:28):
So I didn't wanna add that in there yet, but basically the dye marker by itself did a phenomenal job, did everything it was supposed to do once again, paired really well with that P 40 pump. The two of these units together. There's no question whatsoever. Our contractor can tackle commercial properties. He can tackle residential properties, everything from roof, cleaning, siding, concrete driveways, dumpster pads, you name it. This guy can do it. So if you like what you see, feel free to give us a call. This is Josh with Atlantic Pressure Washers. Don't forget to turn the water on.

Custom Pressure Washer | Softwash System
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 17 August, 2022
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