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New Custom Pressure Washing / Softwashing Trailer

Check out the white interior!

Atlantic Pressure Washers completed another custom pressure washing /soft washing rig. The trailer was, smartly, painted white inside. Most companies opt for black thinking it will hide "dirt", which it does. But, it also makes it a dark cave to work inside of. The white makes everything easy to see, which is especially helpful in the early morning hours and late evening when the sun is setting. Interior paint color aside.

 On the high pressure side we have an electric start 15hp Power Ease engine with an 18 amp charging system powering a gear reduction drive General pump that pushes 5.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI.

On the low pressure side (soft wash), we have a 7 hp Power Ease engine powering a Comet p3610GR pushing 9gpm @ 160 PSI.

  • Centered on the trailer is a 200 gallon water tank and a 100 gallon soap tank.

  • 1 low pressure steel hose reel holding 215 feet of ¾” garden hose to fill his tank

  • 1 low pressure stainless steel hose reel holding 300 feet of ½” ag hose for all of his soft washing needs

  • 1 high pressure steel hose reel holding 450 feet of 3/8” high pressure hose

  • Resting on top of the hose reels is a tool chest for carrying small gallon quantities or tools of the trade.

  • Accessories include a hammer head surface cleaner, that rest’s on the drivers side interior wall

  • 2 dedicated high pressure lances

  • 1 m-jet

  • 1 m-5 twist

  • 1 low pressure Jrod

  • 1 high pressure jrod

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