Super Foam, 1 Gallon

Super Foam, 1 Gallon

Super Foam provides extra cling when cleaning roofs.  Perfect for your roof cleaning mix or when cleaning vertical surfaces. 

Super Foam adds a copious foaming action to your roof cleaning mix that will keep the chemical where you need it. Super Foam decreases run off even on the steepest roof surfaces, especially roofs, allowing the necessary dwell time for the sodium hypochlorite to work on the pesky roof algae. 

Super Foam will not degrade the strength of your roof cleaning solution, even after days, so larger batches can be mixed ahead of time without affecting the effectiveness of your mix. It is a chlorine stable system that contains additional water softeners, wetting agents and foam stabilizers. Just add 1 gallon of Liquid Detergent Additive to 100 gallons of chlorine bleach to supercharge your chemical system.

Super Foam pours easily and readily blends in to your solution without leaving a residue in your tank. 


9.20 lbs