Winterize Your Pressure Washer - Maryland
Check out these tutorials about how to winterize your pressure washer, or just bring it to us.
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Winterize Your Pressure Washer - Maryland
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK


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Part II Pressure Washer Weatherization


Watch on Youtube

Part III : Pressure Washer Weatherization


Freezing conditions can quickly damage or destroy your pressure washer or accessories.  Water expands when it freezes.  Any water left inside a pressure washer pump, gun jet, or hose that is allowed to freeze may potentially damage that component. 

To prevent freeze damage make sure you disconnect your hose, gun jet and nozzles from the pressure washer and allow the water to drain.  Store the pressure washer in a heated room.  If you have to store the unit outside for more than a couple of hours take steps to winterize your system.

If it is a cold water system you can use a Pump Saver winterization kit.  You can find it on our web site at:

Just connect the Pump Saver to the inlet of your pump and spray.

If you have a hot water unit you must anti-freeze the unit. You can also use this same technique with a cold water pressure washer. 

1) Leave the high pressure hose off your pressure washer. 

2) Cut a short length of garden hose and attach a male garden hose fitting.  Attach the garden hose to the inlet of your pump. 

3) Fill a five gallon bucket with anti-freeze and put the garden hose into the bucket. 

4) Start up your pressure washer and let the pump suck up the anti-freeze until it begins to come out the pressure washer outlet.  That way you know that the pump, and in the case of a hot water pressure washer, the coil is filled with anti-freeze.  (Before you use the pressure washer you can pump out the anti-freeze and store it to use another time.) 

Don’t forget to winterize, especially if you have a hot water pressure washer.  If you coil freezes and splits a new coil is going to cost you around a thousand dollars.

The only way to avoid having to go through the hassle of the winterization procedure  is if your pressure washer has a Kranzle pump.  Kranzle pumps are equipped with stainless steel, ceramic-coated plungers and are immune to freeze damage as long as you run the pump dry for thirty seconds before you put it away.  Since Kranzle pump are designed to be run dry without damage, this is easily done.  More about Kranzle pumps can be found on our web site:

Winterize Your Pressure Washer - Maryland
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 13 February, 2020
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