Ultimate House Wash Van | Custom pressure washer rig
Built by APW for Dillons Power Washing
19 August, 2021 by
Ultimate House Wash Van | Custom pressure washer rig
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

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Michael Zittel (00:04):
Hey, it's Mike with Atlantic Pressure Washers. Don't forget to turn the water on. Today. We're going to check out a new custom rig that we built for Dillons Power Washing. Actually, as you can see behind me, it's a van. The reason why Dillons chose a van over a trailer or truck is because most of their work tends to be in a city or more dense population. With the van they have more security and they can get into tighter situations where there's less parking, et cetera. So this ultimate house wash van was built by us. So let's take a look.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Designer (00:38):
What we've done this weekend is basically tricked this entire thing out to be the ultimate house washing rig with everything that you can cram into this van. We've done a lot with the space and we're going to show it up in a few minutes, just by opening up the doors and seeing what this thing can do. More importantly, we're not here to demo this for Keith. So this is your introduction video. Keith, hope you like it. Let's check out our back doors. All right. So opening up the space. You can see we've done a lot with the back end of this. That is because by request, this is the pull side of his rig and where he's going to be working off of everything. What we have is twin five gallon a minute machines. We have one of them, just a standard pull start. The second one's been upgraded to have an 18 amp charging system so that if our customer choose to do so, he can upgrade later to having some sort of burner or just auxiliary accessories running off of this.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Designer (01:36):
We are running a belt-driven system pulling off of a 100 gallon tank that rests gently behind us, filled with our hose reel on the left, we have about 125 feet of three quarter inch garden hose. On that side, both of these reels Or, sorry. Both of these hoses go up through the sides to these top rails, which then pull off allowing you to work. We have about 200 feet high pressure hose on that guy and about 150 on this one again, by request. Our next part of our system is our soft wash system. If we look straight back through the corner, we are featuring the Comet P36GR pump and it is a nine gallon a minute at 160 PSI soft washing system. What we have set up is a chemical tank straight behind our water tank, giving us the ability to direct apply our solution to the surface.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Designer (02:24):
We also have it set up and plumps that by just turning a three-way ball valve, we can pull off of our chem tank, or we can pull off of our fresh water tank for additional rinsing or just flushing out our pump. All of these hose reels are set up so that all we have to do is pull our pin. As this comes off, we lay nice and neat in one of these hooks on the side, so that as we're working, there are no hoses dangling above our exhaust. We have one of these pins set up for each of these reels. We're going to walk around to the side of this and see what we look like from the inside. On the side right here, we have our Honda GX 200, which we can easily pull, start and get going from the outside of the vehicle.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Designer (03:10):
We also have the exhaust set up at the furthest point back where he's not interfering, bumping into the door, giving us lots of breathing room inside of here. As you can see, we have a stainless steel stand, which is not only supporting that up top for giving us some additional space to grow. If we ever choose to put another machine right there. We have a little bit of open space right here that he can use for storing miscellaneous tools, whether that's his surface cleaners, lances, or just different accessories and tools of the trade. Where we've integrated into our wall right here is a fancy stick, which I'll show you what that's for in a second, as well as our lance holder for when he chooses to put his accessories in here. What we're going to do next is we're going to step back and we're going to see how this ladder rack on the top works. So we take our stick, we focus up top on our ladder rack.

Josh Wagner - Custom Rig Designer (04:07):
We have something that was previously installed by our customer, and I'm a huge fan of. All you need in order to get that is basically to tilt that down throw the ladder back up, or pull it off, walk your stick back up, and it glides right back in there. So Keith we hope you like the van install. We're going to run this in a few minutes, send you some footage of what this thing can do. Again, just to emphasize, we have twin five gallon, a minute belt-driven pumps in the back and a nine gallon, a minute chemical system in the front. So this has everything you needed to do. House washing very efficiently. Very economical, very easy to maintain great for in and out of the city which is where you'll be working at.

Michael Zittel (04:57):
Was that cool or what? That rig is so awesome and has everything that's needed that Dillons is now going to be able to do 3,500 square foot house in less than an hour. Think about that. A 3,500 square foot in less than an hour. That means you can do multiple gigs a day. That's money. Right? So if you're ready to level up and get yourself a custom rig, give us a call. We'll be happy to give you a free quote, no obligation. Be sure to like, and subscribe. I'm Mike with Atlantic Pressure Washers. Don't forget to turn the water on.

Photos of the Ultimate House Wash Van

Ultimate House Wash Van | Custom pressure washer rig
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 19 August, 2021
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