Custom pressure washer rig plus soft wash
Check out this brand new rig built by APW
9 March, 2021 by
Custom pressure washer rig plus soft wash
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

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Designed to complete any residential washing tasks, this rig is an entry level beast.

Starting with an electric start Honda GX390 we’ve heavily built this unit on a raised aluminum skid frame with integrated motor mounts, pump and engine oil drain lines, as well as an upgrade 18.5 amp charging system. Turning a banded belt driven comet pump we are able to get a tested 5.5 GPM at 2500 PSI.

Our upgraded charging system allows us to maintain a deep cycle marine grade battery that is currently powering a 7GPM 12V chemical pump. This pump is located on the tongue of the trailer in a plastic water tight box that contains the following-

Deep cycle marine grade battery

7 GPM 12v Chemical pump


3 way mixing station

Electrical controls

Something unique to this tool box is how we have integrated the mix station as well as the pump for easy service. By carefully mounting the camlocks through the tool box and mounting the pump at the right angle we were able to make the entire mix station removable by just opening camlocks. Advantages of this include easy serviceability, easy to winterize, easy to control.

Back to the trailer floor we have 3 tanks all sized based on usage.

  1. 200 gallon Water only tank

  1. 100 Gallon DOT compliant chemical tank

  1. 25 gallon detergent mix tank

Our 200 gallon tank is studded in place for easy serviceability as well as balanced perfectly with the rest of the trailers weight.

The two detergent tanks are strapped in unison with 2” 10,000 lb D rings and matching straps. 

The main water tank is plumbed to everything for easy flushing of each systems components. Naturally it also supplies the pressure washer with water without relying on the customers flow rate to keep up with the pump chosen.

Integrated dump valve behind the trailers axel to dump water when needed.

All plumbing has been run on the drivers side (street side) so that the passenger side (working side) allows for easy access to all tools and maximum storage. On this side we’ve also mounted lance holders on the trailers frame as well as hooks to store oversized lances on the customers ladder rack.


The contractor ladder rack is built from air craft grade aluminum and bolted on the trailer to be just slightly taller than the tallest reel.

Starting from the bottom we have a Summit SM-18 holding 200 feet of ¾” Good year garden hose. Contractor grade with hard crimp ends on both reel plumbing as well as Garden hose end.

Our middle reel is a Summit Sm-18ALSS with 300 feet of ½” AG hose. Again contractor grade, this time with stainless steel hard crimps with built in swivels for easy maneuverability in the field.

The top reel is a Summit SM-18 holding 300 feet of 3/8” high pressure hose.

Installed on this reel is a down stream injector bypass kit. Allowing for full flow when rinsing, or easy chemical injector access while the machine is in operation. 

Finally, on the passenger side (working side) is a mounted, waterproof, lockable, tool kit currently housing J-rods, O-rings, pick set, flash light, and a high pressure ball valve.

Custom pressure washer rig plus soft wash
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 9 March, 2021
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